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0.35 - Default-on Cursor Prediction, Remote Tunnels & More Robust SSH

  • Default-on Cursor Prediction with a new UI
  • Remote tunnels are now supported! Remote SSH support is also more robust (now supports multiple proxy jumps, among other things).
  • Adds context pills to chat messages, so you can see what will be/was used
  • Cmd K context-building improvements
  • Fixes partial completions with Copilot++ on Windows/Linux

UPDATE (0.35.1): Disables Copilot++ partial accepts by default and makes the keybinding configurable (go to Cursor Settings > Features > Cpp to re-enable). Makes gpt-4o the default model.

0.34 - VS Code 1.89, New Cursor Prediction UI, Gemini 1.5 Flash, Copilot++ partial completion

  • Merges VS Code 1.89 into Cursor
  • New Cursor Prediction UI
  • Gemini 1.5 Flash is available in long-context mode
  • Accept partial completions with Copilot++
  • Better performance of Copilot++ on linter errors
  • Toggleable rerankers on codebase search
  • GPT-4o in Interpreter Mode

UPDATE (0.34.1-0.34.6): Fixes long context models in the model toggle, an empty AI Review tab, Copilot++ preview bugs, the Mac icon size, and remote ssh fixes.

0.33 - Networking Stability, Command-K Autoselect

  • Stability: This build fixes a connection error problem that was consistently affecting some users. It should also improve the performance of Cursor on spotty internet.
  • Command-K Autoselect: We've also added automatic selection for Command-K! This means you can now press Command-K, and it will automatically select the region you're working on, though you can still select manually if you prefer.

UPDATE (0.33.1-0.33.3): Fix to settings toggles, fix to Copilot++ diffbox performance, onboarding tweaks.

0.32 - Improved Copilot++ UX, New GPT-4 Model

  • Copilot++ UX: Suggestion previews now have syntax highlighting, which we find makes it much easier to quickly understand the changes.
  • Cursor Help Pane (Beta): You can also ask Cursor about Cursor! The Cursor Help Pane has information about features, keyboard shortcuts, and much more. You can enable it in Settings > Beta.
  • New GPT-4 model: As of a couple of days ago, you can try out gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09 in Cursor by toggling it on in Settings > Models.
  • .cursorrules: You can write down repo-level rules for the AI by creating a .cursorrules file in the root of your repository. You might use this to give for context on what you're building, style guidelines, or info on commonly-used methods.

UPDATE (0.32.1-0.32.7): Fixes a performance issue with the new Copilot++ syntax highlighting, changes AI Notes to be default disabled, changes the naming of the main Copilot++ model to legacy, fixes Copilot++ being slower over SSH, fixes to the Copilot++ preview box.

0.31 - Long Context Chat Beta

  • Long Context Chat (Beta): This is a new experimental feature that lets you talk with lots of files! To enable it, head to Settings > Beta. Then, select "Long Context Chat" in the top right of a new chat and try @'ing a folder or the entire codebase.
  • Fixes: This release patches a bug where empty / partial responses are shown in chat.

UPDATE (0.31.1 - 0.31.3): Adds back in AI Review (alpha), fixes the "Cursor Settings" menu item, and fixes a bug where @web doesn't return a response.

0.30 - Faster Copilot++, Claude

  • Faster Copilot++: We've made Copilot++ ~2x faster! This speed bump comes from a new model / faster inference. ~50% of users are already on this model, and it will roll out to everyone over a few days. If you'd like to enable the model immediately, you can control your model in the bottom bar of the editor.
  • Stable Claude Support: All the newest Claude models are available for Pro and API key users. Head to Settings > Models to toggle them on. Pro users get 10 requests / day for free and can keep using Claude at API-key prices for subsequent requests.
  • Team invites: We made it a bit easier for you to invite your colleagues to your Cursor team. You can send these from the editor's settings or at
  • Admin improvements: Team admins can now mark themselves as unpaid users and can see the last time team members used the product.
  • New Settings: We moved all our settings to be accessible by the gear in the top right. No more "More" tab!

Claude Support

If you’re a Pro or Business user, you can add "claude-3-opus" as a custom model in the Settings page and use 10 fast requests per day for free (unlimited slow, but the delay increases exponentially).

We expect to roll out a more permanent solution (including API key users) very soon.

0.29 - Polish

AI Notes enabled by default (hold shift on any symbol), better in-editor chat, auto-execute interpreter mode, better onboarding styling, nicer feedback modal, and a few stability fixes.

UPDATE (0.29.1): Fixes a bug where the Copilot++ sometimes would not show a suggestion even if one existed, a bug where the hint line would sometimes cover the ghost text, and a bug where AI Notes would not work on Windows.

0.27 - Linter, Interpreter Mode Updates

Two new updates to experimental features:

  • Linter: You can now turn on an AI linter in the "More" tab beside Chat. It'll scan your file for small bugs every time you save.
  • Interpreter Mode: We've made some big improvements to the backend powering interpreter mode! It should now be much better at using tools and understanding your project.

UPDATE (0.27.1-0.27.4): Fixes to Windows build, chat context UI, onboarding.

0.26 - AI Previews Beta

AI Previews: this is an experimental new code reading feature. After enabling in the "More" tab beside Chat, just hold shift to see a generate some quick notes about the symbol you're on. If you'd like us to dedicate more time to this direction, please let us know.

Other changes:

  • Fine-grained chat replies (start by hovering over the area of the response you want to reply to)
  • Copilot++ quality of life improvements (show ghost text more often, toggle on/off on the status bar, make it easier to see the suggestion box)
  • Smoother onboarding (fix Windows settings import, option to import folder/window state)

0.24 - @Web, gpt-4-0125-preview

Using @Web in chat will give the AI the ability to crawl the web! The tools it can use include a search engine and a documentation site crawler.

This feature is still experimental. We're very interested in improving the ability of the AI to understand external libraries, and your thoughts will help us improve :).

Both pro and API key users can also try out gpt-4-0125-preview by configuring the model under Settings > OpenAI API > Configure Models. We’re testing the new model right now for pro users to see if it performs better than all older versions of gpt-4. If so, will roll out as the default experience.

UPDATE (0.24.3-0.24.4): Adds ability to configure OpenAI base URL, fixes getcursor/cursor#1202.

0.23 - New Model, Apply Button v2

  • "cursor-fast": This is a new model available in command-k and chat. Expect it to be a bit smarter than gpt-3.5, and with many fewer formatting errors.
  • Apply button: We've added some polish to the "apply codeblock" experience in chat.
  • Chat lints: If the AI suggests a code change in chat that involves a made up code symbol, we'll underline it. Availble for Python, Typescript, Rust.
  • More chat symbol links: When the chat references a code symbol, you'll often be able to click directly to it.

UPDATE (0.23.3-0.23.9): Fixes to Command-K, changelog auto-opening, editing very long lines with Copilot++, the "delete index" button, connection errors being silenced, and proxied authentication.

0.22.0 - Dev Containers

Dev containers are now supported! This build also:

  • Upgrades Cursor to VS Code 1.85, which comes with support for dragging out tabs into a new window.
  • Improves the stability of WSL.

0.20.0 - Copilot++, @ previews, AI Review

  • @ previews: We made it easier to see what codeblock you're @'ing.
  • Copilot++: We've contined to improve the Copilot++ ghost text experience. Surprisingly, many of us now enjoy using Copilot++ without any other autocomplete plugin installed.
  • AI Review (beta): This is a new experimental feature that let's GPT-4 scan your git diff or PR for bugs. You can enable it in the "More" tab beside chat. Feedback is much appreciated.

UPDATE (0.20.1-0.20.2): We added TLDRs to make it easier to sort through the bugs flagged by the AI review and fixed a bug with "Diff with Main."

0.18.0 - Better Context Chat, Faster Copilot++

  1. Better context chat: in particular, followups are now smarter!
  2. Faster Copilot++: a few hundred milliseconds faster, through various networking optimizations. We still have several hundred additional milliseconds to cut here.
  3. More reliable Copilot++ changes: less flashing, better highlighting of what's new.

0.17.0 - Image Support, Interpreter Mode Beta, @ Folders

  • Image Support in Chat: You can now drag and drop images into the chat to send them to the AI.
  • Interpeter Mode Beta: You can now enable Interpreter Mode in the "More" tab. This gives the chat access to a Python notebook, semantic search, and more tools.
  • @ folders: You can now use the @ symbol to reference specific folders! We'll try to pick out the most relevant code snippets to show the AI.
  • Copilot++ Improvements: We've spent some time improving the latency of Copilot++, and you can change the Copilot++ keybinding to not be Option/Alt. More to come here soon, especially on the model itself!

0.16.0 - Copilot++ improvements and VS Code 1.84.2

Copilot++ improvements:

  1. Caching — add and delete a letter and the suggestion will still be there for you!
  2. Do not interfere with intellisense and cmd-k.
  3. Fixes bugs with lag on large files and with the blue highlight staying around.
  4. Copilot++ sees your lint errors and will use this to improve its suggestions

Cursor is now based on VS Code 1.84.2. Notably, this fixes a few notebook bugs, and ensures that all of the most recent extensions work.

0.15.2-0.15.5 - Copilot++ improvements, Bug fixes

  • Copilot++ improvements: Includes green highlights to see what Copilot++ has added, the ability to accept multiple Copilot++ suggestions immediately one after another, support for Copilot++ on SSH, and fixes to how Copilot++ UI interacts with autocomplete plugins.
  • Bug fixes: Fixed a bug where Cmd-k could get into a bad state when removing at the top of a file. And another that was causing some files to not be indexed.

0.15.0-0.15.1 - New models, Copilot++ beta

  • Command-dot: you can now use the Command-dot menu to have Command-K fix lint errors inline.
  • New models: you can plug in your API key to try out the newest gpt-4 and gpt-3 turbo models. We're evaluating the coding skills of these models before rolling out to pro users.
  • Apply chat suggestions: click on the play button on any code block to have the AI apply in-chat suggestions to your current file.
  • Copilot++ (beta): this is an "add-on" to Copilot that suggests diffs around your cursor, using your recent edits as context. To enable it, go to the "More" tab in the right chat bar. Note: to cover the costs of the AI, this is only available for pro users.
    • This is very experimental, so don't expect too much yet! Your feedback will decide which direction we take this.

0.14.0 - Pro++, Word-wrapping diffs, and more

  • Pro++ plan: if you hit your fast request limit and prefer to purchase more, you now can.
  • Chat scroll: we got rid of sticky scroll to make the chat easier to read.
  • Cmd-K diffs: these now obey word-wrap! You can also copy from the red text.
  • Fixed the bug where you can't use chat on a diff view.
  • Shipped better error logging, which should help us improve stability.
  • Styling tweaks: some buttons and hints should look nicer!
  • Screen flickering: made a change that should reduce screen flickering on monitors.

0.13.0-0.13.4 - New VS Code version

Cursor is now based on VS Code 1.83.1. This ensures that the newest versions of all extensions will work without problem in Cursor. Thank you to everyone who urged us to do this on the forum!

Also, there's an experimental bash mode: enable it in the settings, and let the chat answer questions with the help of running bash commands. If you find it useful, please let us know, and we will spend more time on making it production-ready!

Update: this change resulted in a problem with SSHing into old Linux distros. This has now been fixed!

0.12.1-0.12.3 - Small fixes

Bug fixes: (1) .cursorignore now completely respects .gitignore syntax, (2) codebase queries use the embeddings index if >= 80% of it is indexed, instead of requiring the entire thing to be indexed, (3) removed fade-in animation on startup, (4) no longer overrides cmd-delete in the terminal, (5) fixes problem where cmd-F randomly has the case-sensitive option enabled, (6) inline gpt-4 is turned off until we figure out a better UX, (7) even more stable and fast indexing, (8) progress indicator in search and extensions, (9) bug where an incorrect bearer token is passed to the server.

0.12.0 - Indexing, cmd-k in terminal, @git, /edit, bugfixes

  1. Indexing should now be faster, more stable, and use less of your system resources. You can also configure ignored files in a .cursorignore. The controls are in the "More" tab.
  2. Cmd-k is now in the terminal! A bit hackily implemented, but surprisingly useful.
  3. Ask about git commits and PRs using @git in chat!
  4. Use /edit in the chat to edit a whole file (if less than 400 lines). Expect the edits to be fast and GPT-4-quality. This uses non-public models, and is for now only available to users who do not use their own API key.
  5. Bugfixes! Fixed the "ejected from slow mode" UI, added auto-switching logic for the model type when switching on API, improved @ symbol speed, fixed Windows keycommand to be Ctrl-Shift-Y instead of Ctrl-Y, and more.

0.11.0 - Inline Chat

You can now alternate between diffs and texts responses in Cmd-K. This can be helpful for clarifying the models thinking behind a diff or for getting quick inline answers to questions about a file.

0.10.0 - Better Docs Management, Staged Rollouts


The main addition in this update is better docs support. This means you can add and remove docs and inspect the urls that are actually being used for each doc you have uploaded. You'll also be able to see what webpages end up being shown to GPT-4 to provide you an answer.

You can also paste a url into the chat and the model will automatically include it in the context being used. Teams can also share private docs.

Staged Rollouts

Following this update, future updates should come as staged rollouts. This will mean greater guarantees of stability and more frequent updates.

Long files in chat

We continued to improve the experience of chatting with large files. If you @ multiple files that are too large to fit in GPT-4's context window, we'll intelligently pick the most relevant chunks of code to show to show the model.

Bug fixes:

  • Copy Paste chat text form Jupyter
  • Some chat focus issues
  • UI tweaks
  • Better state management - prevents crashes from editor using too much memory

0.8.2 - Cmd-k Followups, chat with large files, and more

  • You can now reply to Cmd-K outputs, making it much easier to have the model revise its work.
  • If you @ reference a long file that will be cutoff by the context limit, you'll be given the option to automatically chunk the file and scan it with many GPTs.
  • Codeblocks and code symbols in "with codebase" responses will now often be clickable.
  • Follow-up chat messages to "with codebase" will keep the codebase context.
  • Nicer error messages in the chat! Fewer annoying popups.
  • Activity bar elements can now be reordered with drag-and-drop.
  • SSH support is now more robust! Please continue to let us know if you are experiencing any SSH problems.

0.6.0 - A copilot experience powered by gpt-4

Long AI completions

If you press ⌘/^+↩️ on any line, you will now get gpt-4 powering fast-completions for you! We know that sometimes all of us want copilot to write an entire function or a big chunk of code. But copilot can be slow and sometimes just not smart enough :(. So we're trying to solve this with a new completion experience powered by gpt-4. Just press ⌘/^+↩️ and you'll get a long completion from gpt-4.

Better support for remote-ssh

Remote-ssh is now built-in to cursor. You do not need to edit the behavior, it should just work :) We know this has been a big blocker for many users that rely on remote machines for development. If you are still running into issues, please let us know and we will fix it ASAP.

AI linter

The AI linter is now enabled for everyone in pro! The AI will highlight suspicious parts of your code in blue. You can also add your own lint rules that you want that are easy to express in natural language but aren't covered by traditional linters.

0.2.44 - Improvements to many features, Fixes to Python

  • Improved the "@Add new doc" experience
  • Python/Pylance support has been restored
  • Better @ symbol keyboard ergonomics
  • Makes it clearer which docs are being looked at by the AI
  • AI will respond with citations when you refernce docs
  • Fixes Cmd-K for Jupyter
  • Chat/Edit tooltip blocks less code
  • Improves Cursor's appearance when custom themes are on
  • Importing VS Code extensions now takes into account enabled/disabled
  • Cmd-k should work better for long diffs (greater than 100 lines of code)

0.2.39 - New inline edits

Cmd+K's UI has been changed: it's in-editor, "sticky," and @-symbol-compatible. We hope it helps you stay in flow and more quickly iterate on your prompts. (Also, you can now use up/down arrows for history in chat.)

Also, Cursor's AI will now use popular documentation to improve the answers to your questions. For example, if you ask it "how do I grab all s3 buckets with boto3?" it will search over the boto3 docs to find the answer. To add your own documentation or explicitly reference existing docs, type '@library_name' in chat.

Bug fixes:

  1. Long code selections no longer brick the editor
  2. Auto-fixing errors no longer brings up the problems view (in particular, this fixes an annoying bug if you have auto-fix on save turned on)

0.2.36 - Hotfixes

  1. Chat works if you don't have a folder open again
  2. Cmd-shift-E to fix an error in chat works again
  3. cursor:// deep linking works now, so you should be able to log in to extensions
  4. Autoscrolling works again
  5. A few cmd-Z bugs for inline diffs have been squashed
  6. You can now use Run & debug in Cursor again (the toolbar is back)
  7. Early support for slash commands
  8. If you're not logged in, we show the popup to log in again
  9. Cursor is now based on version 1.79.2 of VSCodium, which comes with security updates and minor features

0.2.34 - Chat v2

The chat has been revamped! You can now use @ symbols to show files/code/docs to the AI. The chat history is improved, it's easier to see what the AI can see, and codeblocks auto-format on paste.

0.2.30 - Show the AI documentation

You can now have the AI read documentation on your behalf! This will improve it's ability to answer questions about your favorite libraries. To use this feature, simply press the "Docs" button in the top right of the chat pane.

0.2.27 - Codebase Context v2

We've improved codebase context!

In order to take full advantage, navigate to Settings (top right button), then "Sync the current codebase"

Login via github, then add the repo you wish to sync!

Following this, you'll be able to see an improved version of codebase context in the search pane, and in chat (by pressing cmd+enter).

0.2.26 - Codebase Context v1

Codebase Context v1

Introducing v1 of codebase-wide context! We'll be shipping major improvements to this in the next few days, but we'd love to hear your feedback.

Go to the "Search" pane in order to see the new context.

Or, on chat, press Cmd+Enter in order to get a response that uses context from the full codebase.

v0.2.18 - Upgrades to GPT-4 and Please give us feedback!! (2023-05-20)

🧠 Upgrades to GPT-4

  • All users get 10 free gpt-4 requests !!!
  • Switching between models is a lot more easy, and the transition to gpt-4 is a lot smoother

📝 Please give us feedback!!

Please keep the bug reports rolling! We really are listening!

  • We've added a new feedback button at the top right of the app. - We really do listen to your feedback, and your bug reports! We've fixed a lot of bugs in the last few weeks, and we're excited to keep improving the product. - We made this modal to make it easier to report feedback. Please keep the feedback coming!

v0.2.16 - Terminal Debugger, and our biggest bug bash yet (v0.2.12)

💻 In-terminal Debugging

  • Press Cmd+D to auto-debug a terminal error
  • Press Cmd+Shift+L, and the model will add the terminal context to chat

⚙️ Activity Bar pinning

  • You can Pin custom extensions to your activity bar in the top left

    Here I've pinned File Explorer, Source Control, and Testing

📔 Better Jupyter Support

  • Context ingestion across a full notebook
  • Small bug fixes

➕➖ Diff/Generate improvements

  • Partial diff accent/reject

    Pressing Cmd+Y/Cmd+N lets you accept/reject subdiffs!

  • Generates work when you click elsewhere!
  • Fixed diff bug where it edits outside selected region

🛠️ Quality of Life Improvements

  • Press ESC to exit the chat
  • Fixed the bug that shrinks code blocks in the chat!
  • Remote SSH is easier to use!
  • A better Cursor Tutor onboarding!
  • Better prompting for Toolformer

🚀 v0.2.9 - Enhanced Features & Improvements (2023-05-04)

New Features

  • One-Click Extension Import from VS Code (beta). As a highly requested feature, we're excited to present the beta version of one-click extension imports!
  • Alpha feature: 🧠 Alpha feature: Ask questions about your entire repo 🛠️. We are experimenting with ⌥+enter in the chat! The feature allows the model to think deeply about your response, search through files, and deliver a well-crafted answer. While it's in alpha, we're working hard to enhance this feature in the coming weeks. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved prompting for edits and generates
  • Fixed login bugs
  • Added the ability to hide the tooltip (Cursor config > Advanced > Chat/Edit Tooltip)
  • Extended prompt length for project generation
  • GPT-4 support now available for project generation

🚀 v0.2.6 - GPT-4 & Project Generation (2023-04-19)

New Features

  • 🧠 Pro users can now use GPT-4 (switch between models in settings). Pro users are being granted 150k tokens of GPT-4 usage and can now use GPT-4 to power the AI suggestions in Cursor. This should improve the quality of all of your generations, edits, and chats – GPT-4 is an absolutely amazing code model. Switching between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 is easy - just click on the settings gear in the top right corner of Cursor

  • 🤖 Generate entire projects with the AI (experimental). We’re releasing experimental support for a new feature that creates entire repos for you, from just one prompt.

🚀🌟 v0.2.0 - Introducing Cursor 0.2.0! (2023-04-06)

🚀🌟 Introducing Cursor 0.2.0! 🌟🚀

To focus on delivering the most advanced AI features at lightning speed, we’ve transitioned to building Cursor on top of a fork of VSCodium, moving away from our previous Codemirror-based approach. ⚡

With Cursor, our vision is to create an IDE specifically designed for pair-programming with AI 🤖 In the short term, it will resemble a typical code editor, but with cutting-edge AI capabilities. However, before long, we think programming with Cursor look be entirely different than coding today.

In order to achieve this transformation as quickly as possible, we’re focusing our efforts on enhancing the AI, rather than reinventing the wheel for standard text editing features. Building on the phenomenal foundation of VS Code/VSCodium will help us achieve this goal at a rapid pace! 🚀

New Features

  • Transitioned to building Cursor on top of a fork of VSCodium
  • Focus on enhancing the AI for pair-programming

v0.1.9 (2023-03-27)

New Features

  • Opens the terminal in your current folder
  • Adds an optional paid plan if you'd like to avoid the server capacity rate limits

Bug Fixes

  • Changes autoupdate to notify you when there's a new version
  • Other fixes

v0.1.5 (2023-03-23)

New Features

  • Automatically apply chat suggestion
  • Ask AI to "fix" language errors
  • Chat history saved between sessions

Bug Fixes

  • Easy to select and copy from chat
  • Resizable sidebar
  • Terminal no longer interferes with chat

Coming soon

  • Fixes to all the language servers/copilot

v0.1.2-0.1.3 (2023-03-18)

New Features

  • Built-in terminal
  • Diffs automatically continue

Bug Fixes

  • More diff fixes
  • Up and down arrow in prompt bar have been mapped to less annoying keybindings
  • Can open chat history from the prompt bar

Coming soon

  • Have chat auto-insert suggested changes into editor

v0.0.37 (2023-03-14)

New Features

  • Windows and Linux support 🥳
  • Edits can be as long as you'd like

Bug Fixes

  • Diffs shouldn't disappear anymore
  • Editing works for same file on multiple tabs

Coming soon

  • Instant fix all lint errors with AI 😎